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18.12.2015 11:51, John Holloway :
A great Christmas concert in B'ham Town Hall. Everyone of all ages performed well and the audience appreciated all the talent and work put in by everyone involved to create the Christmas spirit. Looking forward to the concert on 7th May.

A merry Christmas to everyone.

08.02.2015 18:16, David Rose from Birmingham E-mail :
If you've got enough Villa fans there you might be interested in arranging and performing the song below. The link shows a sing a long version.

Words - David M Rose 1953 –
Tune - Mt Holyoke by Maurice L Wostenholm 1887 – 1957

Heathfield Road, a gas lamp shining; heaven sent, a hallowed flame.
Aston Villa men beneath received its light and chose their game.
Hence, a path to Great McGregor and a world of football leagues.
There’s no history that’s greater than the Villa’s infant deeds.

Now that founders flame is searching for the lovers of our name,
For the dreamers of a claret sun and countless stars of fame.
From the Holte End to all nations and where galaxies are spun,
Every worthy lion-heart is kindled. Villans we become.

Be proud guardians of our future as you ride on triumphs past,
You whose fingers trembled when you wore the Villa shirt at last.
You who found a lamp light guiding when you heard the lion call,
You are blessed to be a villan. Have no fear. Just give your all.

There’s a sound of rolling thunder when the mighty Villa score.
There’s a hunger burning in the soul no villan can ignore.
There is splendour in each blade of grass and glory in our sky.
With each breath we fight for Victory. Our light shall never die.

26.01.2015 00:35, Brian Williams from Bwlchygroes E-mail :
Glad you lot are still going! I was a member from 1971 to 1979. I remember well your singing at our wedding at Pontefract and I have heard the tale of my brother in laws debagging when he had the nerve to ask you to leave at the end of the reception! We look forward to attending one of your concerts during 2015. Please send me details of functions.

20.08.2014 10:42, Jaan Lewis from Sutton Coldfield E-mail :
A pleasure and privilege to chair the Ladies Committee. Many happy memories and I hope more to come in the future.

11.05.2014 10:56, Ian & Helen Allarton E-mail :
Better late than never,only just found this guest book sorry.
This magnificent gang of lads graced us with their choral excellence at our church wedding, July 7th 2012, St Pauls church,Blackheath
Overshadowed the olympics for sure and still talked about to this day. We have photos which i'm sure will create a welcome addition to your website too.
A big,warm,belated thanks to you all and a special thanks to James for his solo performance,requested of course by ourselves.
Thank you to all of the choir for making everyones day at our wedding service

19.12.2013 22:34, Maureen Dacey from United Kingdom E-mail :
Just been to a cracking Christmas Concert with you lads. Well done all of you. You are a credit to yourselves and to Jamie. A great varied programme and a few laughs.
A thoroughly enjoyable night.

04.08.2013 15:56, Mel Evans from Wrexham E-mail :
Just had the pleasure to meet Heather for lunch. Showed her a copy of the Prologue to Verdi's opera Alzira. (Challenging!)
I am a member of a small Males voice call Rhos MVC. We should get together to have a joint concert. We are competing in the National Eisteddfod in Denbigh next Sat. Unfortunatly we are the only choir in the main MV section. I is good to hear a choir that can give us a good challenge. I am told your MD heard us at Llangollen two weeks ago.
Our concert Secretary is Geraint Phillips email google us on rmvc.

03.06.2013 19:07, Jazz from Halesowen E-mail :
I have watched most of the Male Voice Concerts at THS/SH and other Venues in my time I am now in my 7o's.I must say your Concert on Saturday 1st of June has got to have been the Best.It had everything about singing,variation,texture,full bloded MALE VOICE,the SchoolGirls Choir showing Clarity,and then the 11year Old Pianist,Brilliant.And that Finish at the end with the Scottish Piper and Full ensemble was as Emotional as it gets.My thanks to The EFFERVESCANT Compere Mel Thomas.But The Biggest Thanks go to the Choirs and Production.One Big Lovely Evening.

18.03.2013 18:26, Gwyn Jenkins from Solihull E-mail :
As a former member of thr Choir it is good to see the choir going from strength to strength. In my time the majority of the members were of Welsh origin and totalled near 100 voices, although I suspect one or two were whisperers ! I remember the night we won the Porthcawl Miners Cup but not much afterwards.Anyway it is nice to know that non Welsh voices are keeping alive the long tradition of the Choir, may it continue for many years to come. Regards to all those in the Choir who remember me.

09.11.2012 02:36, alan upshall from Kenmore, WA, USA E-mail :
Greetings from a founder member of the Canoldir Male choir in USA. So glad the choir is still flourishing.

22.10.2012 15:57, Rachel and Adam Spurrier :
Canoldir sang at our wedding yesterday and we cannot thank them enough. They sang so wonderfully - they were truly out-of-this-world amazing. Our guests thought they were fantastic too. I personally cannot thank you all enough, particularly James and Sue - a minor hiccup with running late (bride's prerogative I'm assured!) was filled in marvellously and I can't wait to see the video so that I can see the bits I missed. My husband Adam and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You were all fabulous xxx

03.07.2012 14:26, colin griffiths from halesowen E-mail :
best wishes to clive griffiths and all choristers for the future from colin griffiths and daughters ex member and performers

26.03.2012 17:54, Rachel :
Excellent performance and thoroughly enjoyable evening on Friday 16th March. I'm really looking forward to both the concert in June and the choir performing at my wedding in October :-)

05.03.2012 15:25, Ken and Barbara smith from Newton - le - willows lancs E-mail :
Thank you for a very friendly meeting a week ago .We both enjoyed the rehersal and would like to wish the choir every success and good health to all . we came with our special friends David and Gael .Ken and Barbara

19.02.2012 12:03, GEOFF JONES from Abergavenny Monmouthshire E-mail :
Very pleased to hear of your tremendous success at the Cornish International Music Festival in 2011. You deserve every success after all the hard work under Jamie's expertise and guidance into new areas of music.
I look forward to renewing acquaintances with old friends at the St David's Day Dinner this February 2012.
A minor grumble - faint text on black background on web site put me off reading after the first line - a great pity since the sections looked very interesting.

17.02.2012 20:52, Sarah Bailey from HEMEL HEMPSTEAD E-mail :
Enjoyed looking at this website-I have such fond memories coming as a little girl in the 1980's with my Grandad Ernie Phillips on practise evenings and making orange squash!

07.02.2012 00:52, Ceri Sian Wiltshire :
I have enjoyed looking at the Canoldir Web site today. I would love to see more history, but I am biased, being the daughter of one of your founder members and soloists Arthur Wiltshire and the niece of yet another founder Christopher Holt. I grew up with the music of the choir and I have happy memories of sharing the stage at the town hall Birmingham with the choir when presenting a boquet at the end of the annual concert. Wonderful days, and long may the choir continue.

19.01.2012 17:17, edward whinnery from sweden E-mail :
I was in the choir for a few years in .99- 2000 just before I came to sweden. I see the numbers are a little diminished. A few familiar faces though. Is Clive still with you?
Just to let you know Im still singing and am actually on you tube singng bring him home from les miserables under a stage name of christian mcavoy. I hope you guys are all in good heakth and keep up the good work. sounds wonderful!
kind regards eddie

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Entries: 18
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